Our work / we designed a feasible mental health framework for WA's diversity.

Mental Health Commission of Western Australia / research, cross-sector engagement, system review and design

We worked closely with the Commission and key stakeholders across WA towards designing a system that will make a difference for a Western Australia that is growing in diversity.

Through research, cross-sector stakeholder engagement, and service system analysis, we designed a framework and costing structure for the provision of transcultural mental health services that was aligned with the Commission’s 2020 mental health strategy. 

The project presented models and costing frameworks around developing:

  • Strategic coordination and system governance structures
  • The cultural competence and responsiveness of mental health services
  • A transcultural mental health assessment and clinical consultation service model
  • The quality and access to mental health interpreting
  • A CALD mental data and research agenda
  • A model for partnerships, project management and clinical support
  • CALD NGO service system capacity and quality enhancement


Practical Visionaries were selected on the basis of their specialist expertise in the multicultural mental health sector; their established relationships and networks within the culturally and linguistically diverse service sector across Australia; and their method of stakeholder engagement within a complex and sensitive area
— Eric Dillon, Director, Policy, Strategy and Planning, Mental Health Commission of Western Australia

Image by Daniel Lee.