Social Marketing’s use of Smartphone Apps and SMS

How new mobile technology can be used to drive behaviour change.

Smartphone apps (including games) and SMS are being used by social marketers to assist people in losing weight, reducing energy consumption, quitting smoking and being safe around trains.  Social marketing seeks to develop and integrate marketing concepts to influence behaviours that benefit individuals and the community for the greater social good.

This presentation will provide an overview of social marketing and use case examples to demonstrate how mobile technology can be implemented by governments and non-profit organisations to assist people in leading happier and healthier lives.  Case examples include the Quit forTwo Quit You app, the MumBubConnect breastfeeding SMS program, the Citysmart Low Income-Earner Energy program digital intervention.

Presented by Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

Source: iSMA Webinar Series, “Social Marketing Advances and Resources” Archives