Our work / we designed Australia's first online cultural responsiveness assessment scale. 

Mental Health in Multicultural Australia / online organisational audit tool design

We built on the latest research insights into what makes a difference into transforming the cultural competency of Australia’s mental health services and designed Australia’s first online Organisational Cultural Responsiveness Assessment Scale (OCRAS) for mental health services. 

The OCRAS is based on the National Cultural Competency Tool (NCCT) for Mental Health Services (2010) which includes eight cultural competency standards.  

In close consultation with Australian Government's Mental Health in Multicultural Australia (MHiMA) initiative, and the mental health sector, we further developed the OCRAS as a weighted assessment tool which provides a three-phase score that organisations can use to guide themselves through the development of individually tailored action plans.

We assisted MHiMA with testing of the assessment scale and associated framework through its national pilot implementation project with mental health inpatient units across Australia, along with developing associated training resources.

Practical Visionaries took the time to understand where we were heading and, importantly, the needs of our stakeholders. The result... they lived up to their name and delivered a strategy that was spot on with our vision and mission.
— Hamza Vayani, Executive Officer, MHiMA

For further information, see: http://framework.mhima.org.au/framework/

This video, designed and produced by the Practical Visionaries team for MHiMA, explains how Mental Health Services across the country are using the OCRAS and MHiMA's Framework.