We helped RichmondPRA create a more inclusive future

Client: RichmondPRA

Tasks: Diversity rapid needs analysis, strategic planning and review, service design, digital instructional design, training and professional development

Building on the strength of RichmondPRA's work on inclusion of those with a lived experience, and RichmondPRA's strong relationships and networks with indigenous communities, RichmondPRA engaged Practical Visionaries to look at how we could help RichmondPRA embrace and harness the dynamism that diversity brings to their workforce and to the people and communities RichmondPRA works with.

RichmondPRA has had a long history working to create a more inclusive world for people with a mental health issue or psychosocial disability.  Through RichmondPRA's recovery orientated supports and resources, and social enterprises, RichmondPRA has been helping people to fulfil their hopes, dreams and aspirations.  

Diversity as a strategic asset

RichmondPRA was aware that, as it grows, ensuring that it is responsive to the diversity of people in the communities it serves would be one of the keys to its success into the future.  With the help of Practical Visionaries, RichmondPRA therefore sought to create a diversity strategy to support its journey towards becoming a more inclusive organisation.

RichmondPRA's new diversity strategy, Creating a More Inclusive Future, helped RichmondPRA to explore how different aspects of diversity impact on the way services are delivered, and how RichmondPRA can design services to make a difference for the diversity of people that live in the communities it serves. This includes people from:

  • Indigenous communities
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds;
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex backgrounds; and
  • People with disabilities.

We harnessed innate strengths

We began by asking how we might build on the rich histories and diverse expertise of RichmondPRA to design a diversity strategy that strengthened RichmondPRA, and opened new possibilities in a diverse world.


Our initial Rapid Needs Analysis uncovered key challenges that RichmondPRA faced as it evolved in a new service delivery landscape, but identified strengths and experience that could be built upon to design the strategy.


We looked at how we could harness existing planning and reporting frameworks, and organisational structures within RichmondPRA, to support the integration of the strategy into its culture and practice.

Innovation group

We created a Diversity Innovation Group from across the organisation to co-design the strategy and create ways to ensure sustainability and buy-in from across the organisation.