Our work / we helped richmondpra harness its most valuable asset, its diverse talent base.

RichmondPRA / diversity talent management exploration and strategy

The amalgamation of two organisations with rich histories, to form RichmondPRA, has been a strategic move to position the new entity to thrive within a changing social sector landscape.  The shift to individualised funding and the growing diversity of Australia’s people has meant that RichmondPRA needed to start strategically planning for a diverse and more competitive world.

There was an awareness of the need to develop a diversity strategy for RichmondPRA that was consistent with the organisation’s commitment to recovery and inclusion, whilst also working towards developing its competitive edge.  Practical Visionaries therefore helped RichmondPRA to develop a comprehensive diversity strategy, of which planning for diverse talent was one component.

Because we understood the strategic role that RichmondPRA’s talent has to play in supporting RichmondPRA to achieve its social and business objectives, we began by asking:

How might we leverage off, and build on, one of RichmondPRA’s most valuable assets, the diverse talent base and expertise of RichmondPRA’s people, to expand possibilities in a diverse world?

To help answer this question we worked closely with RichmondPRA's Human Resources Team, their Learning and Development Team, and their Operations Team to create a toolkit for RichmondPRA to begin exploring how it can harness the capabilities of existing diverse staff and work towards building a diversity talent management strategy into the future.  The toolkit introduces a range of resources, including the Diversity Council of Australia’s Capitalising on Culture resource and VicHealth’s Preventing Race-Based Discrimination in the Workplace resource.


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