Our work / we co-designed a diversity and inclusion framework for a growing national social enterprise.

RichmondPRA / diversity and inclusion framework design

Our client, RichmondPRA, was aware that, as it grows, ensuring that it is responsive to the diversity of people in the communities it serves would be one of the keys to its success into the future.  With the help of Practical Visionaries, RichmondPRA therefore sought to create a diversity strategy to support its journey towards becoming a more inclusive organisation, as a social objective and strategic priority.

RichmondPRA's new diversity strategy, Creating a More Inclusive Future, helped RichmondPRA to explore how different aspects of diversity impact on the way services are delivered, and how RichmondPRA can design services to make a difference for the diversity of people that live in the communities it serves. This includes people from:

  • Indigenous communities
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds;
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex backgrounds; and
  • People with disabilities.

Our research showed that building the cultural responsiveness of a mental health service requires addressing three key domains:

  • the individual
  • the organisation
  • the community

So we designed strategies across those domains to maximise impact and work towards long-term sustainability.

For more information, read our case study on service and strategy design

Practical Visionaries created the video above as part of RichmondPRA's internal and external communication strategy for the project.