Our approach

Design thinking

Our approach, Design for Diversity, is based on design thinking, an innovative approach to solve complex problems in business, government, and the social sector.


We start with the premise that our clients, and the people most important to them, bring strengths, resources and networks that can be harnessed to address complex diversity challenges. 

Diverse expertise

We draw from the in-depth industry knowledge and skills of our diversity experts, and use design thinking to co-create diversity solutions with our clients and their stakeholders. 


Our process

Analytical + generative

We provide a range of services that take our clients through an iterative process, using analytical and generative techniques, to help foresee and co-design their diversity solutions.  

We draw on qualitative and quantitative research techniques to test ideas and develop deep insights to help build products, services and strategies that are meaningful and impactful in a diverse world.

Viable + sustainable

A key principle of this approach is the need to identify viable and sustainable diversity solutions.

We do this by aligning solutions with our client's vision and mission; their needs, capabilities, and expertise; and the needs, strengths, resources and expertise of our client's key stakeholders.